NEEL Trimaran Sailing

The ultimate fast cruising trimaran that’s easy to handle. The trimaran designed by NEEL has intrinsic qualities of safety, comfort and maritime behaviour. The Neel Trimarans will also offer the well-known superior sailing characteristics of an offshore trimaran by letting you point closer and run faster.

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Meeting the needs of a changing marine society

NEEL TRIMARANS are synonymous with speed and comfort. The company’s entrepreneur actually spent 26 years working with Fountaine Pajot; this knowledge and experience has now been transferred to the construction of high specification trimarans to meet the needs of a changing marine sailing industry. Innovative and spacious, NEEL is regarded as a world leader when it comes to trimarans design, manufacture and customisation, with a plethora of successful trimarans that are recognised worldwide.

Successful and highly regarded NEEL TRIMARANS from M.i Cats

MiCats is pleased to offer the NEEL TRIMARANS range for sale from our UK office in Southampton. With safety, stability, space and sailing pleasure at the heart of each NEEL TRIMARAN makes them a world leader. Certified according to CE European Standards by ICCN and changing the face of naval architecture, NEEL TRIMARANS provide a comfortable and liberating sailing experience that is miles ahead of other trimarans.

Specifically designed for fast cruising, the NEEL TRIMARANS range for sale by MiCats combine easy handling with comfort and luxurious living for the ultimate cruiser. Perfect for family holidays or world cruising these unsinkable multihulls are leading the way in Trimaran sailing.

With over 25 years’ experience in the marine industry and a well established reputation as a leading multihull dealer in Europe, MiCats combine competitive prices with complete after sales service and aftercare to assist you in finding the right NEEL trimaran for you.

Please take a look at the NEEL TRIMARANS range we have for sale– and feel free to contact us with any enquiries or for more information.


NEEL Trimaran Sailing NEEL 43

The latest Lombard-designed NEEL 43 has been added to the range and is even more innovative and impressive, with a marked move towards the use of bio-sourced and recyclable materials.

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NEEL Trimaran Sailing NEEL 47

The NEEL 47 successfully combines the benefits of cruising or blue water yacht: safety, performance and comfort living. It is distinguished by a modern and elegant silhouette (Antireflex Window®). Its lines guarantee an incomparable sporting look.

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NEEL Trimaran Sailing NEEL 52

The all New NEEL 52 has a sporty design, its fast and voluminous just like its predecessor the Neel 51. With its racy, modern silhouette, elaborately designed hull and sleek lines, the NEEL 52 exudes power, speed, and elegance.

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NEEL Trimaran Sailing NEEL 65 Evolution

The NEEL 65 is a lightweight craft with sleek lines and all the sailing qualities of its smaller brother the NEEL 45 – High Performance, a lightness of touch and comfortable sea keeping.

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